iPAD CASE WITH SHOULDER STRAP FOR 2018 6th GEN, 2017 5th GEN 9.7″, AIR 1 & 2 -MODEL V3

iPad Case with Shoulder Strap for 2018 6th Gen, 2017 5th Gen 9.7″, Air 1 & 2 -Model V3


The Model V3 iPad case with shoulder strap for 2018 6th gen, 2017 5th gen 9.7″, Air 1 & 2 is rugged, impact-resistant, lightweight, stylish and durable. Its professional-grade design is great for individuals who use an iPad for work, study or travel because the shoulder strap provides hands free carrying of your tablet.

Product Details:

  • FAST 2 – 4 DAY FREE SHIPPING W/ TRACKING! For bulk order discounts, expedited or international shipping, email us at: contact@innovativecareusa.com. To place an order from outside of the U.S., please contact us for details.
  • Compatible with 2018 6th generation, 2017 5th generation 9.7-inch iPads and 9.7-inch iPad Air 1 and 2 (PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS CASE IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH THE 9.7-INCH iPAD PRO, 10.5-INCH iPAD PRO, 10.5-INCH iPAD AIR OR NEW 10.2-INCH iPAD)
  • Detachable shoulder strap allows the V3 to become a compact and thin folio case
  • -iPAD IS COMPLETELY SNAP-LOCKED AND FULLY SECURED INTO THE CASE by an impact resistant “bumper protection” shell that covers the corners and edges of the iPad (SEE PIC #4)
  • Reinforced front cover and backside panels covered with ultra-durable, scratch-resistant ballistic nylon material to fully protect the iPad. -Soft and durable suede-like inside lining
  • When the front cover is open and folded to the backside of the case, the protective clear window on the front cover corner will not obstruct the iPad’s rear camera. Developed in 2012, Innovative Care Products is the first company to integrate this feature into an iPad case. -Makes this iPad case with shoulder strap for 2018 6th Gen, 2017 5th Gen 9.7″, Air 1 & 2, great for photos, videos and AUGMENTED REALITY (AR) imaging. (SEE PIC #7)
  • Front cover folds to create an angle for typing or upright viewing/presentation purposes
  • Built-in Apple Pencil/stylus/pen holder and cut-outs for camera lens, quad speakers, microphone, buttons, headphone jack and bottom charging port
  • The Model V3 can attach to the optional matching Model P1 iPhone case. (SEE PICS #9 & #15) Please contact us for details.
  • Auto sleep/wake smart front cover folds completely around to the backside and is secured by strong magnets
  • Adjustable, detachable 56″ max. to 32 1/2″ min. shoulder strap
  • Special “Signature Series” designed by Innovative Care Products in New York City
  • 1 year warranty (iPad Case with Shoulder Strap for 2018 6th Gen, 2017 5th Gen 9.7″, Air 1 & 2 -Model V3)
  • This case is only compatible with iPads measuring approximately 6 5/8″ x 9 3/8″, except for the 9.7-inch iPad Pro. This item is NOT compatible with the 10.5-inch Pro, 10.5-inch iPad Air, new 10.2-inch iPad or 11-inch iPad Pro. Please measure your iPad before ordering this item. All returns are subjected to a 20% restocking fee.
  • $49.99

Product Description


The Model V3 iPad case with shoulder strap for 2018 6th gen, 2017 5th gen 9.7″, Air 1 & 2, provides convenient hands-free carrying of your iPad and prevents misplacing, loss or theft of the valuable device.

Its professional-grade design is made with ultra-durable ballistic nylon material, impact resistant construction, a built-in Apple Pencil/stylus/pen holder and premium satin nickel metal hardware.

(iPad Case with Shoulder Strap for 2018 6th Gen, 2017 5th Gen 9.7″, Air 1 & 2 -Model V3)

Product Reviews

pc mag logo

Innovative Care iPad Case with Shoulder Strap

By Eric Griffith, Features Editor PC Magazine
The Innovative Care iPad Case might not look like much at first glance, but the case with fold-over cover flap and stylus holder and ability to stand the iPad in multiple angles has three rings attached that make all the difference. They allow you to carry the iPad on your shoulder… Inside is gray suede-like material, the outside is textured ballistic nylon in black. A nice feature: when the cover is open: it won’t block the back camera.


appleinsider logo

Innovative Care

By Christine McKee, Appleinsider.com

Made of durable ballistic nylon that’s textured for easy gripping, Innovative Care’s (iPad) case protects the 9.7-inch iPad with reinforced front and back body panels. A lot of thought has gone into each aspect of the case, including auto sleep/wake capability and a detachable shoulder strap for added portability. The case can also be carried.., eliminating the need for another bag. The suede-like interior also protects the 9.7-inch iPad from scuffs and scratches and the front flap can be folded over for typing or viewing videos as well. In fact, when folded back, the front cover will not block the rear camera, a great feature for photo and video enthusiasts. Overall, it’s a durable case, and the shoulder strap is immensely handy for hands-free portability. The iPad Case is available for purchase from Innovative Care for $59.99 via its website


TheTechBeard logo

Shoulder Strap Case for iPad

By Yogesh Mankani

The Shoulder Strap iPad case for 9.7-inches iPad, Air 1 and Air 2 is the lately introduced rugged, stylish, lightweight and durable case that you’ll love. It’s a wonderful pick for people who carry their iPad on the go. The shoulder strap provides hands free carrying of your device besides ensuring utmost care.
What are the Standout Features of the Shoulder Strap iPad Case?
  • The case is compatible with 9.7-inch iPads, iPad Air 2, iPad Air 1.
  • The shoulder strap makes it easy for the user, letting them enjoy hands-free carrying of their device. The strap is detachable.
  • The case has added material that protects the corner surfaces of the iPad
  • The case is made of rugged, easy-to-hold textured ballistic nylon body material with soft and durable suede-like inside lining.
  • The case has a built-in holder for Apple Pencil, stylus or pen.
  • It has a front cover, but it does not block the iPad’s rear camera when folded against the backside of the case. There is a corner cut-out in the front cover to make sure it doesn’t obstruct the iPad’s camera lens.
  • The front cover of the case closes magnetically and automatically activates the iPad’s wake or sleep. Also, the front cover folds in such a way as to create an angle for typing or presentation purposes

The price of the Shoulder Strap iPad case is $59.99 + shipping & handling. You can place your order with fast 2-4 day priority shipping and tracking. Not only that, you will also get a 1 year warranty when you buy..

To wrap it up, I loved the Shoulder Strap iPad case for the reasons like it promises to protect your device, comes with shoulder strap and look beautiful.


 tablet productive logo 2
“Having used the case for a few weeks I have been pleased with it overall and quite impressed with the quality of construction and usability. The case is extremely flexible and professional in appearance and provides a good bit of protection for your iPad.”
– Chris Lee, Tablet Productive



the gadgeteer logo
“I wore my iPad Air 2 in this case for my recent trip to the dentist.  I wore it cross-body, so I was able to leave the strap on and just slide the folio case around to the front and use my iPad without removing the case.  When the hygienist came to get me for my tooth cleaning, I didn’t have to fumble at all.  I just flipped the front cover back over the screen and stood up!  Much easier than trying to fit the iPad back into my purse or gear bag!

I like this case from Innovative Care.  The protective folio case works great by itself.  You can easily hold the case, or you can convert the case into an easel or typing stand by simply tucking the front cover under the back flap.  If you need to carry it to the conference room for a meeting or take it with you when you go to an appointment, clip the shoulder strap on and wear it without worry of dropping the iPad….”
– Janet Cloninger, The Gadgeteer


gizmofusion logo

“This case is made from a textured material that gives you great grip and confidence while carrying it you won’t let it slip. The Case also comes with a shoulder strap that has metal clips that attach to metal D rings on the case. Unlike cheaper cases, you don’t have to worry about plastic clips breaking with this case and shoulder strap.

The inside of the case features a soft suede like material to make sure that both the case of the iPad as well as the screen doesn’t get scratched. The cover also features a magnetic that helps both keep the case closed as well as puts your iPad to sleep to save battery life.

“This iPad Case is well built and will hold up to the daily rigors of use. With the thought of having to spend hundreds of dollars for either repair or replacement of your iPad…..”
– Ben Oaks, Gizmofusion


I recently purchased this case. I was not disappointed. The construction is very good. I like the snug fit and the shoulder strap and swivel hooks on the strap. I can use this case when I am using my Matterport 3D camera to do my Virtual Tours of properties and businesses. I use the strap to wear the case around my neck. The camera shows my scans on the iPad so I have it right there and don’t have to lay the iPad down every time I move the camera. I would highly recommend this great case.
– Dave F, Las Vegas, NV


Very well made – love it !!! I had the other case for iPad 3 but recently upgraded to an iPad Air for work, so I got this case. I use an iPad Air for my job and the shoulder strap on this case makes life easier for me because I can multitask without dropping or losing my iPad Air. Over the weekend I took a trip and used the iPad camera. Other iPad cases block the back camera, or the front cover flaps open or has to be awkwardly held when people use their iPad to take photos. But this case neatly secures the open front cover to the back of the case and the clever corner cut out doesn’t block the camera! (iPad Case with Shoulder Strap for 2018 6th Gen, 2017 5th Gen 9.7″, Air 1 & 2 -Model V3)
– P. A. Barr,  MS, RDN, CNSC, CLC, CDN


Part of my job is to inspect and measure homes. Therefore, needing a free hand makes my job more efficient. I love that not only this case gives you protection, but also a shoulder strap, so you can be hands free versus putting my iPad down and picking it back up. This is an attractive case, sleek, able to remove the shoulder straps, and you can prop it up for a presentation. You won’t find this case anywhere else. In addition, their customer service is outstanding! I would recommend this case due to the versatility and sleek design of this case.
-Chris D,  Anaheim, CA


I’ve received the case, and am very impressed with the quality. Count me as a very satisfied customer! I am a handicapped senior citizen and need to use a cane or sometimes a walker.  I bought a new iPad to go on an extended vacation, and plan to take pictures with it.  It is very awkward for me to carry it and use my walker.  It seemed like the only alternative I had was a messenger style bag or backpack.  Neither of these options would be convenient for shooting pictures, which means it would be too much of a hassle to use.  I went to “Bing.com” and looked for pictures of “iPad case with strap” –  saw a photo of your case, and found your web site from that.  A little research seemed that it was ideal.  Yours was the only one that I could find that was easy to use and had a strap.  Then I went to the Apple store to see if they had one.  Nothing looked as easy to use.  When I asked the clerk how people carried their ipads, she said most had backpacks or brief cases.  She didn’t know anywhere to get a simple design with a strap.  So  –  I ordered from you.

This is all new to me, first iPad etc.  I don’t even use a cell phone.  It really surprised me that such a basic product was almost non-existant.  Well, your case covered this basic need and more! It is extremely well designed and made.  I’m sure it will serve me well.
Thank you.
(and your courteous customer service was a breath of fresh air in today’s marketplace)
– Bill C, Epping, NH

Note: The iPad, Apple Pencil/stylus iPhones and iPhone cases shown in the product photographs are not included with this product.

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(Ref: iPad Case with Shoulder Strap for 2018 6th Gen, 2017 5th Gen 9.7″, Air 1 & 2 -Model V3)

  • The Model V3 can attach to the optional matching Model P1 iPhone case. (SEE PICS #9 & #15) Please contact us for details.


Designer’s Bio

The Model V3 iPad case was meticulously designed by John Micolucci. He was first introduced to design by his father, who frequently took him to work from an early age. His father was a great designer who taught him the basics of function and form. John’s fascination with how products are created and produced led him to a career spanning over 20 years in industrial design, product development, management, sourcing and manufacturing.

John resides in New York City where he’s built a diverse career by always practicing the design philosophy of “form follows function.”

In his spare time he enjoys photography, travel, vinyl records and restoring vintage audio electronics.

Additional Information


Black with gray inside lining.


Approx. 8 oz.

Overall Size

Approx. width = 7 1/2″, height = 9 1/2″, thickness = 1/2″

Shoulder Strap

Adjustable 32 1/2″ min. to 58″ max. detachable shoulder strap.

IPad Version

Compatible with 2018 6th generation 9.7-inch iPad, 2017 5th generation 9.7-inch iPad and iPad Air 1 & 2


Professional, Consumer, Medical, Education, Travel

Total Price

$49.99 + shipping & handling