Innovative Care Products, LLC is a New York City based company dedicated to designing and manufacturing highly functional and stylish cases and bags for professionals and consumers. Through user feedback and careful observation we identify opportunities to innovate better products to satisfy our customer’s needs. New York City’s energy and diversity inspire us to create unique and versatile products.


Our Design Philosophy & Influences

Our products are created using a “form follows function” design philosophy. Professor F. A. Porsche put it best when he said:

When you use our products, we believe you will be very pleased with the quality and the attention to every functional and aesthetic detail.

For example, we noticed that most iPad cases do not include a shoulder strap, so we integrated a detachable shoulder strap on our Professional Case. We also noticed on other iPad cases that the rear facing camera lens would be blocked when the user flipped the front cover against the back of the case. We designed a front cover with a unique contoured shape that does not block the iPad’s rear facing camera.

On our Tablet Bag, the expandable front mesh pocket is designed specifically to hold a stethoscope and there is an inside padded pocket dedicated to hold an iPad or tablet. The placement and size of the other pockets on this bag were carefully considered for the best ergonomics and ease of use.

The sum of the design elements on the Professional Case and Tablet Bag result in user friendly, superior quality and aesthetically pleasing products to carry and protect your iPad or tablet.


Helping Professionals Capitalize on the “Post PC” Era

The best example of the “post PC era” is the iPad. Therefore, it is only fitting that Steve Jobs popularized this term in 2007.

The ideas for tablet computers have been floating around science fiction throughout the 20th century, famously making an appearance in Arthur C. Clarke’s 2001 A Space Odyssey, originally published in 1968. Over the next few decades, many companies tried creating a tablet-like computing device. Apple even introduced the Newton Messagepad in 1993.

The current shift towards using mobile devices as our primary method of computing was actually coined by MIT scientist David D. Clark in 1999. Former Microsoft CEO Bill Gates beat Steve Jobs to the punch with an op-ed piece in Newsweek describing a “PC Plus” era in which personal computers would work alongside other devices and information would be synchronized. However, it would be Apple and Steve Jobs’ brilliance in aligning superior product design sense, a truly innovative vision with the iPhone, an integrated ecosystem backed up by iCloud and marketing savvy to transform science fiction into an everyday, household item.

Our products were created to help busy, on the go professionals fully capitalize on this revolutionary new technology, without having to sacrifice form, function or style.


Product Praise from Happy Customers

“Having used the case [Air Professional for iPad Air 1 & 2] for a few weeks I have been pleased with it overall and quite impressed with the quality of construction and usability. The case is extremely flexible and professional in appearance and provides a good bit of protection for your iPad.”

– Chris Lee, Tablet Productive


“Great products like this bag [Tablet Bag] are often perfect examples of efficiency by way of simplicity of design. This bag is just right; the perfect set of features any busy health-care professional could ask for in the perfect size format. Sleek enough to fit inside a travel bag it can still accommodate a tablet PC and most daily requirements with ease. The layout of the bag, its compartments and the convenient long zipper pulls allow for immediate access with no fumbling around even during the busiest part of the day. Pure value for the money!”

– Dr. Prakash, Vice Principal, ANIDS, Visakhapatnam, A.P.,India.


“… The Innovative Care Professional Case is one impressive folio case: 
From material makeup to literally unique design (more on this below) and features one expects in a folio, this accessory is absolutely a best case scenario for many an iPad owner. As a bonus, a top-notch – in terms of both durability and comfortable – adjustable/detachable shoulder strap is included. While simultaneously waking the iPad in the process, the case opens from a good (if not the strongest) magnetic lock to reveal suede-like lining both soft and lightweight. Framing the iPad is a bezel, rubberized identically to the rest, with the whole thing held down with notably strong Velcro. On the back side is a familiar buckle-like notch to which the front cover is fitted to create a stable enough stand for viewing and typing modes…”

– Editor Review – Tablet2Cases