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Donation of Medical Packs and iPad cases to NYC Health +Hospitals/Jacobi Medical Center

Last month we were very honored to fulfill a donation request from NYC Health +Hospitals/Jacobi Medical Center for our Medical Pack and Model V3 iPad cases to assist with their dedicated efforts in fighting the Coronavirus. Dr. Jenny Chang, who is an Emergency Medicine doctor at Jacobi Medical Center has been working on the front […]

Helpful Nutritional Advice to Support the Immune System During the Coronavirus

Check out this valuable advice for healthy eating during the Coronavirus pandemic. It’s provided by Priscilla Barr MS RDN CSP CLC CDN, who is a registered dietitian at Langone Medical Center here in New York City. Thank you, Priscilla!! “To support your immune system, I would suggest a shift to eating as healthy as you can. […]

skyle Control-iPad-with-eyes

Skyle is an iPad Pro accessory that lets you navigate using eye-tracking

For most people, tap and swipe-based gestures are the perfect way to navigate on an iPad. That’s not true for everyone, however. This is why the makers of a new eye-tracking system called Skyle have developed this innovative iPad Pro accessory. Built with the accessibility audience in mind, the system lets users insert their 12.9-inch iPad […]


Steve Jobs’ on-stage iPad pitch to customers saw him relaxing in a luxury chair. His brief to Apple engineers actually building the iPad? “I want a single piece of glass I can use to read email on the toilet.” That’s according to Imran Chaudhri, a 21-year Apple veteran, now chairman and president of Humane. Chaudhri was responding […]


How to check (and block) apps that track you on iPhone and iPad

Safari’s content blockers effectively block trackers and other Bad Stuff on the web, but that only works in Apple’s browser. Any other app you install on your iPhone or iPad can send all kinds of personal information to anyone, without you ever knowing. Your location, the details of your menstrual cycle, how long you spend […]

iPAD CASE WITH SHOULDER STRAP FOR 2018 6th GEN, 2017 5th GEN 9.7″, AIR 1 & 2 -MODEL V3


October 18, 2010: Just six months after the iPad debuts, Steve Jobs reveals that Apple’s tablet already outsells the mighty Macintosh computer. During the company’s fourth-quarter earnings call, Jobs says Apple sold 4.19 million iPads during the previous three months, compared with 3.89 million Macs. iPad: Fastest-selling electronics device ever … and a disappointment? The figure […]

Keeping Tabs on Your Kids: The Latest Parental Controls From Apple, Google and Amazon

Keeping Tabs on Your Kids: The Latest Parental Controls From Apple, Google and Amazon

Keeping Tabs on Your Kids: The Latest Parental Controls From Apple, Google and Amazon Parents who want to set content filters and control who their kids text should start with the built-in settings on their devices Many parents ask how they can keep tabs on their children online without shelling out a lot of money—and […]