Welcome to Innovative Care Products

Medical Pack with inset image CROPPED          75 dpi Lab Coat Using iPad          Professional Case Inset

Thank you for checking out our blog. We’re very happy to launch our first two products, the Medical Pack (now called the “Tablet Bag”) and the Pro Case.

Both of these products were created using a “form follows function” design philosophy. Professor F. A. Porsche put it best when he said, “IF YOU ANALYSE THE FUNCTION OF AN OBJECT, ITS FORM OFTEN BECOMES OBVIOUS.”

When you own our products, you’ll be very pleased with the quality and the attention to every functional and aesthetic detail.

For example, we noticed that most iPad cases do not include a shoulder strap, so we integrated a detachable one on our Pro Case. We also noticed on other iPad cases that the rear facing camera lens would become blocked when the user flipped the front cover to the back of the case. We designed a front cover with a unique contoured shape that when flipped to the back, does not block the rear facing lens.

On our Medical Pack (Tablet Bag) we designed an expandable front mesh pocket specifically to hold a stethoscope, and an inside padded pocket dedicated to hold an iPad or tablet. The locations and sizes of the other pockets on this bag were carefully considered for the best ergonomics and ease of use.

The sum of the design elements on the Pro Case and Medical Pack result in user friendly, high quality and aesthetically pleasing products to carry your property and protect your iPad or tablet.

Because we want to know your thoughts about our products, please contact us at contact@innovativecareusa.com with feedback or questions. Thank you.