Reviews for Air Professional iPad carry case

Much appreciation to The Gadgeteer and Gizmofusion for their reviews of our Air Professional iPad carry case, for Air 1 and 2:

“I wore my iPad Air 2 in the Air Professional case for my recent trip to the dentist.  I wore it cross-body, so I was able to leave the strap on and just slide the folio case around to the front and use my iPad without removing the case.  When the hygienist came to get me for my tooth cleaning, I didn’t have to fumble at all.  I just flipped the front cover back over the screen and stood up!  Much easier than trying to fit the iPad back into my purse or gear bag!

I like the Air Professional iPad Air 1 and 2 Case with Shoulder Strap from Innovative Care.  The protective folio case works great by itself.  You can easily hold the case, or you can convert the case into an easel or typing stand by simply tucking the front cover under the back flap.  If you need to carry it to the conference room for a meeting or take it with you when you go to an appointment, clip the shoulder strap on and wear it without worry of dropping the iPad.  I think it’s well worth the $60 purchase price!”

– Janet Cloninger, The Gadgeteer

“The Air Professional Case works with both the iPad Air 1 and 2 and is made from a textured material that gives you great grip and confidence while carrying it you won’t let it slip. The Case also comes with a shoulder strap that has metal clips that attach to metal D rings on the case. Unlike cheaper cases, you don’t have to worry about plastic clips breaking with this case and shoulder strap.

The inside of the case features a soft suede like material to make sure that both the case of the iPad as well as the screen doesn’t get scratched. The cover also features a magnetic that helps both keep the case closed as well as puts your iPad to sleep to save battery life. To keep the iPad secure inside of the Air Professional, there is a flap that holds secure via velcro.”

“The Air Professional iPad Case is well built and will hold up to the daily rigors of use. With the thought of having to spend hundreds of dollars for either repair or replacement of your iPad, the $59.99 you will spend for this case is a great value.”

– Ben Oaks, Gizmofusion