iPad Case Design: Our Competitive Advantage is in the Details

Good design can be a great competitive advantage.

The magic is in the tiny details that often go overlooked or under appreciated.

But it’s during these small moments that customers often get frustrated (rightfully so), because something doesn’t work properly.

While “design” can be subjective, function isn’t. Following this example, we’ve created iPad and Tablet cases that provide comprehensive attention to detail on function and aesthetic. (And we’ve managed to do this at a competitive price, without ever skimping on quality.)

Here are 6 examples of tiny iPad case design details that can have a huge impact on the success — and enjoyment — of your tablet.


Reason #1. Better Form & Fit

Our cases are designed to fit slim and snug. While this results in a more aesthetically pleasing design, it also means that your iPad or tablet is better protected from accidents and other wear and tear.

ipad case design study


Reason #2. Super Magnets

Our cases use strong magnets to hold the cover closed and also to secure the cover to the backside when it’s open. These magnets prevent the front cover from hanging freely and getting in the way.

ipad case with magnets


Reason #3. Multiple Viewing Angles

Our case can be positioned in an upright angle for presentation viewing, or a low profile angle for comfortable typing.

ipad different viewing angles
ipad case standing at angle


Reason #4. Extra Textured Protection

The exterior of our case is wrapped in a textured material that’s designed to provide better grip. On the Air Professional, there’s extra material used to protect the corner surfaces as well.

ipad case textured protection
protected ipad case design


Reason #5. Contoured Cover does not Block the Rear Facing Camera

When secured to the backside of the case, the front cover will not block the rear facing camera because of its unique corner cut-out.

ipad case rear camera hole


Reason #6. Included Shoulder Strap: Our cases come with an adjustable, detachable shoulder strap that provides hands-free transport of your iPad.

ipad case shoulder strap


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