Professional Case from Innovative Care Products, LLC
Professional Case with cover closed.Added material on iPad case provides corner protectionFront cover folds to create an angle for typing.Front cover folds to create an easel for presentation purposes.The inside surface of the front cover is made of soft and durable suede-like lining. It folds completely around to the back of the case and strong magnets hold it there.When folded against the back, the front cover will not obstruct the iPad's camera lens. Because of the unique contour of the front cover, you can take pictures or videos with your iPad while it's completely folded against the back.Cut out for camera and contoured side recess for volume buttons

iPad 2-3 and 4 Carry Case with Shoulder Strap-PROFESSIONAL CASE



The Folio 1/Professional Case iPad carry case with adjustable shoulder strap for iPad 2, 3 and 4 is rugged, stylish, lightweight and durable. It’s great for individuals who use an iPad for work because the shoulder strap provides hands free carrying of your device. The strap also allows people to work more efficiently and prevents misplacing, loss or theft of the valuable iPad.


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  • Compatible with older iPads 2, 3 or 4
  • Convenient shoulder strap for hands-free carrying of an iPad. Strap is also detachable so that the Folio 1/Professional Case can become a compact folio
  • Made of rugged, easy-to-hold “grippy” external material, with soft and durable suede-like inside lining
  • Unlike other brands of iPad cases, the Folio 1/Professional Case’s front cover will not block the iPad’s rear camera when it’s folded against the backside of the case. This is because the front cover has a specially designed corner cut-out that will not obstruct the iPad’s camera lens.
  • Added material protects the corner surfaces of the iPad
  • A contoured side recess is featured for improved accessibility to the volume rocker control
  • Front cover closes magnetically and automatically turns iPad on or off
  • Front cover folds to create an angle for typing or an easel for presentation purposes
  • Designed by Innovative Care Products in New York City
  • $59.99
  • 1 year warranty (iPad 2-3 and 4 Carry Case with Shoulder Strap-PROFESSIONAL CASE)


Product Description

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Folio 1/Professional Case Details

  • Lightweight and durable carry case with shoulder strap for iPad 2, 3 and 4
  • Added material protects the corner surfaces of the iPad
  • Front cover folds completely around to the back of the case and strong magnets hold it there
  • Soft and durable suede-like inside lining
  • A contoured side recess is featured for improved accessibility to the volume rocker control
  • Front cover closes magnetically and automatically turns iPad on or off
  • Shoulder strap is very handy when using the iPad camera
  • Cut-outs for camera lens, speaker, buttons, headphone jack and charging port
  • iPad is easily inserted and held securely in the case by a strong Velcro side flap
  • The Folio 1/Professional Case neatly fits inside of the Innovative Care Tablet Bag, which makes it a perfect companion product
  • 1 year warranty (iPad 2-3 and 4 Carry Case with Shoulder Strap-PROFESSIONAL CASE)
  • Should your shoulder strap become lost, please email us at .
  • *FREE SHIPPING is offered for a limited time and for orders delivered in the contiguous United States only.


Product Reviews

“… The Innovative Care Professional Case is one impressive folio case: 

From material makeup to literally unique design (more on this below) and features one expects in a folio, this accessory is absolutely a best case scenario for many an iPad owner. As a bonus, a top-notch – in terms of both durability and comfortable – adjustable/detachable shoulder strap is included. While simultaneously waking the iPad in the process, the case opens from a good (if not the strongest) magnetic lock to reveal suede-like lining both soft and lightweight. Framing the iPad is a bezel, rubberized identically to the rest, with the whole thing held down with notably strong Velcro. On the back side is a familiar buckle-like notch to which the front cover is fitted to create a stable enough stand for viewing and typing modes…” - Editor Review – Tablet2Cases


I love the Professional Case because it’s lightweight and I can wear it cross body which allows me to carry my iPad hands free.

When I treat my patients, I can flip open the front cover and quickly access my patient records and information. It’s nice how the front cover turns the iPad on and off, which is a great feature. When you open the front cover, I also like the that the magnets hold it securely against the back of the case.

Additionally, the metal clasps on the removable shoulder strap are easy to use, especially with long fingernails. As the use of iPads are becoming more and more prevalent in the physical therapy world I would highly recommend this case for its ease of use and hands free feature.” - Karen L, Physical Therapist MSPT


“Great iPad case with camera lens cutout when cover is open — finally!

I received my Innovative Care Professional Case the other day. I run a karate school and frequently photograph our seminars and workshops. Upon receiving the case, I really liked the design and the quality materials used, and really appreciate the strap–this will be very convenient when I travel, which I do frequently. When photographing and taking video of the seminars, the Professional Case is the only iPad case I found that enabled me to use the camera option while the screen cover was open–a huge perk. Additionally, the case protects the iPad very well and it is very easy to slip the case on the iPad. There are a ton of great features for the money. I recommend this case highly.” – Sean Crehan


“Fantastic Product

After trying several iPad covers/cases, I purchased this one, and it has proven to be the best of them all. It is made of top quality, easy grip material, keeping the iPad snug and secure. It comes with a handy shoulder strap. When the cover is open, the ingenious design still leaves clearance for the camera lens- clever. Furthermore, the side hinge allows for a pen or stylus to be slipped in. Finally, small openings all around allow for easy access to the iPad buttons.
Not sure what else you could ask for in a case. Look no further- this one has it all!” – Dan


“LOVE the Professional Case

Initially, I bought the iPad case that was recommended by Apple, and it is fine, except that it has no strap and does not enable you to use the camera, unless you’re holding it like an open book, since the cover blocks the camera lens. However, this one enables you to flip open the cover AND take pics or vids b/c there is a notch for the lens. Additionally, I like it because it’s a very streamlined and urban design, but very durable. Plus, I like that it was designed in NYC.” – Elizabeth Kelly


The Professional Case by Innovative Care Products is better than any other iPad case that I’ve used, and I’ve been through 3 cases so far.

The price is much less than similar cases and it has a nice, high-quality feel in your hands with a lightweight sturdy construction. It looks and feels like an expensive, high-end technology accessory but is reasonably priced at $59.99.

Overall, it’s an excellent design and protects my iPad well. I bought this case because of the shoulder strap so that I can easily access my iPad for work or when I’m traveling. Having an iPad case with a shoulder strap is especially convenient when I’m at the airport so I don’t have to dig through my luggage to find my iPad; it’s right there around my shoulder and quickly accessible so it’s GREAT for business travelers or anyone else who uses an iPad for work. You can even remove the strap because it has ergonomic, easy-to-use satin finished metal clasps.

The styling of the Professional Case is also very nice. It has a simple and attractive design with a cool textured finish. Sometimes I use the built-in camera on the back of my iPad and the case that I used to have blocked the camera lens when I opened the front cover to fold it to the back of the case. This case does not block the lens! I’ve never seen this feature before on an iPad case. The front cover is shaped so that the upper corner is cutout and does not block the lens. And the front cover can fold to make an angled typing stand or an easel stand depending on how you position the case. I find that the easel stand is very useful when I’m making sales presentations to clients.

Also, the front cover will turn my iPad on and off. The inside lining is a soft and durable gray material and feels like suede. Shipping was fast and a tracking number was provided too. I highly recommend the Innovative Care Products Professional Case for anyone who needs a better, very well designed high quality iPad case.” - PB

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Additional Information


Black with gray inside lining


Approx. 1/2 lb.

Overall Size

Width = 7 3/4″, Height = 9 3/4″, Depth = 3/4″

Shoulder Strap

Adjustable 32 1/2″ min. to 58″ max. detachable shoulder strap

IPad Versions

Compatible with iPad 2, 3 or 4


Professional, Consumer

Total Price

$59.99 + shipping & handling